Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 7AM - 7PM

Healing Session

Mathuresh will come to you and help you work on whatever issue is currently up for you. He can teach you specific breath work or yoga practices to address physical issues. He can also work with your mind and provide psychological assistance. The focus is on healing.

Personalized Yoga

This is a unique opportunity to learn about authentic Tantra and Kundalini practices from an Indian Sadhu in a one on one setting. Ask anything you want! Mathuresh has experienced kundalini awakening and can provide unique perspective and recommendations.

Breathing Session

If you want to free up your breathing and learn how to energize your mind by directing the energy of the breath upwards using Bandhas or Locks, this session is for you.

Combination Session

Mathuresh will create a unique combination of Yoga, Breathing, Tantra and meditation to address your individual needs. This is for those wanting to accelerate their spiritual growth and increase health.

My Story by Mathuresh Sareff. Translation by Alisa Amor

Stories and Thoughts from Mathuresh Sareff