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My Guru told me that human relationships are only worldly attachments that create feelings, problems, and lots of things. I don’t need to go on about that. Just that my Guru said that human relationships don’t have real substance. There are no relationships, like father and mother, we are only souls. We are souls that don’t have relationships. It’s all mental and deep in the mind we don’t have anything to do with this. It’s just a conditioning that the mind has, but not what we really are. So I began to feel a complete lack of attachment for my family and for things, and this is how I lived. I have lived this way for most of my life. 

When I was 17 years old I left India to go to the West because I didn’t like the caste system. I didn’t like the way women were treated. I felt this way from the time I was very young. I didn’t like British tyranny, or any other tyranny. For example, how the privileged classes, like the monastic class, saw other people as if they weren’t worth anything. I asked permission from my Guru to go to the West to preach and practice what he had taught me .

I came to the West and everything was new for me. At this time I only knew a little English. Just a little bit, and with this I was able to do things in San Fransisco. After that I went to Los Angeles. There I met a friend, a Mexican friend in a Christian Center. There they gave me a place to stay and food and lots of support.

This friend invited me to come to Mexico. He was a good friend because he listened to me. I didn’t know English or Spanish and it was very hard to express myself and he very patiently guided me so that we could understand each other. This friend loved me and I remember him with love. He was my first friend in a completely new world and a completely new and difficult moment.

I came to Mexico together with him and his family. I lived with them for several years and I studied and learned Spanish. I really wanted to learn. I studied until I was able to speak Spanish very well. It took me years and I feel that now I speak 100% I forgot about learning English. I put it to one side. I didn’t like it.

My birth language is also very much in the past . With time I separated myself from my friend and his family because he left with someone. I began to walk alone. I had only my clothes, my tunic, my sandals, only the clothing that I was wearing. My papers, everything, got lost somewhere on the path. I don’t remember when I lost them. I lost everything and I had nothing. Only the clothes I was wearing. But I was happy that way. 

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