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I lived in the streets but every time that I got to a new city, whichever city, I met someone that would give me a place to stay. There was always someone who gave me a roof over my head and food. Maybe it was because people felt attracted by me and when they came to talk with me I expressed myself as what I am, a monk; a monk that could help them to resolve a problem, make their life better, heal something, or make their relationships better. At the same time, I always invited them to make their relationship with God better, whichever name they gave it. I also I always tried to help people to be kind, and to be good people. I still do. 

I lived many years of my life in the streets, sleeping in the parks, or wherever I could sleep peacefully. There were some places and parks where the people would arrive to talk and to to do yoga with me. They would give me fruit, milk, whatever I needed, sometimes coins. I have never eaten meat. One time in Guadalajara, I sustained a group of street people with the donations that people gave me. There were about 10 or 11 people. They were my group of friends and brothers.

One afternoon I brought them to a restaurant to eat. The people at the restaurant were bothered by this, the waiters too, and they said to me that we couldn’t eat there because these people were street people. But I had enough money and I told them that we were going to pay, we had the same rights as everyone else, and we would not leave. We all ate there. This was beautiful because it was just like that. I got there with a group of street people and they wanted to get rid of us, but we all ate there.

A large part of my life I have lived like that, without possessions. With enough money, only for travel and sometimes, to pay a hotel room when I was very tired or got sick. I always returned to the streets. I was never dirty. I was always with friends.

On the path I met a group of people that were practicing a Hindu philosophy and they taught me to work selling on the city busses.. They sold incense and they taught me to sell incense. I was very good because I took advantage of this work to preach and teach what I had been taught. I got students that way, lots of students.

Since I was a child I have had the ability to write. I would write philosophical essays, little texts, and I would write phrases. I would make copies of my phrases and I would give them out to people. I still do that, but with less intensity now.

This time of my life was very intense because this was all that I did. Only preaching my philosophy, sharing yoga, and preaching the teachings of my guru. Only this. My stomach, since I was small has been disciplined to eating only once a day. In the same way, I could go 3 days without eating without anything happening There was no hunger. Whether I had or not food, I had no problems with this.

These years were very peaceful and harmonious. I felt a great inner strength. I had a purpose, important to me, at this time. Now I see it like something absurd. I was trying to be a saint. I wanted to be like my Guru. Now I don’t want to be like him. Not anymore. 

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