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My life has always been like a calm lake. Sometimes there is some movement on the surface,the waters get agitated, but my inner life is still calm to this day.

I have known many people. I have had many many yoga students. I have helped many people with moral and family problems. I have even taught someone to make money, but it has never been interesting to me.

Later, with time, I came to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I met a group of people that, in that time, were great people. Of all these people, one girl was special. I always had a close relationship with her and there was a beautiful love between us. It’s a very clean and healthy kind of love. It’s not the mental kind, or the sensual kind, or even of the heart. It was a love, a love that comes from the soul, and that only looks to express itself without asking for anything. Many years have passed. Other people that I knew in that time, in that group, are now in the past. Some have gone. Some are still here but I don’t know where. She is still here at my side since the first day we met.

For a time we were separated. She went to her country and I stayed in Mexico. I went back to Guadalajara to continue my life as a monk. People called me all kinds of names. I was “ The mystic of the streets”. Others said I was crazy but they still treated me well.

After this I returned to Vallarta and I met other people, a little group of young people that would get together in a park on Sundays to have philosophical talks. The talks were mostly about the Bible. I would go with them. I am not against any established religion or any sacred book but I don’t like crutches. I don’t like that people are trapped in the history of mankind or the impositions of society. And so, in that place, my philosophy spoke up, and I persuaded them to leave the Bible. They began an inner exploration of themselves, and they liked it a lot.

I had a friend that had a garage and he lent it to us so that we would have a place to give them yoga classes.We would do yoga every single day. Of this group, there was one woman and one man who would followed me all the time. They were very young and they were always with me. They followed me everywhere. One afternoon, I decided leave this place and go have an adventure in some other cities, in my own way, without anything. The woman had a good job in a hotel as an administrator. When I told them that I was planning to travel and to have an adventure, the next day, the two of them told me that they were going to come with me.

I didn’t believe that she was going to come with me because she had, according to me, a good job and a very formal social life. How would she be able to go with me? In a few days she said she had left her work and her family to accompany me on an adventure. The man didn’t have anything to leave and he came with us also.Together we traveled to a few cities. The three of us traveled together. I traveled in my tunic, which was orange at this time, I used to dress in orange, and they were my students.

We would sometimes stay in a hotel. Sometimes I invited them to sleep in the street. Poor things! They didn’t have a good time, but they had to learn to let go of everything. We would get to a city and we would stay there for a time. The three of us worked on the buses selling incense. I taught my friend to sell candy on the busses. Unfortunately in this place, the people didn’t really want incense, so I decided to sing them prayers, Christian prayers. I composed prayers to sing. We bought a pandero, and in this way she and I would sing prayers on the busses and do a little preaching. People gave us donations and we ate and paid for hotel rooms to sleep with that money. We began to use the donations that we received to bring food to poor people who were in the streets. We lived like this for a time, bringing food to people in the street.

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