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My first memory is of my parents. When I was young, about 4 or 5 years old, my parents would always go to the temple. My father was a disciple of the Master, both my parents were disciples of the Guru Govinda Maharesh. Every Sunday we would go to the temple, and sometimes during the week, and they would bring my siblings and me. We would participate in the events, the preaching programs, the teachings. Since this young age, my Guru always gave me lots of attention. He always had me with him. I remember that he would sit me on the floor and tell me lots of things. He was always with me. I don’t remember what we talked about but I remember that he always talked to me. I liked to be with him because he was very caring with me and he gave me candies. He always gave me candies. 

And so I became accustomed to being by his side over a long period of time. I loved him at that age. And it happened that one day my parents brought me to the temple with a little suitcase and they left me there. They just left me there. And I stayed there. I stayed there many years. And my parents would come on Sundays, just for a little while, both of them. When they visited me during the week, and when they visited the temple mid week I saw very little of them. They would send me off to play or to do things. They would separate me from my parents.

It was very sad in the beginning, not seeing my family, seeing only the people that lived in the temple. A lot of time passed this way. My Guru was always with me. He always attended to me, played with me. They would take me to him during the day. In the ashram, they taught me to read and write, many things, but I didn’t see my family. Many years went by. When I turned 7 years old, I began my formation in philosophy and yoga and the humanities. It was a formal and strict education. There was no more playing. There was only work.

I worked in the kitchen, cleaning, taking care of the animals, and studying. Little by little I began to study of the Vedas. Little by little my parents stopped coming and I got used to not seeing my family. I put my heart into what I was doing and I was a good disciple. I liked philosophy and yoga. These things filled my heart and filled the emptiness.

And so, I became a Yogi very young. I was dedicated to studying and practicing and learning from my Guru. There were ceremonies, every day, the singing of Bjans, all of this was a part of how I continued living by the side of my Guru since I was young. My family came to visit on Sundays but I no longer gave them my attention. I was no longer interested. 

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