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After my friend separated from us, it was just me and her. Life is full of surprises, the universe made us one, and now we have a little girl who is 8 years old. My life is about 80% changed. Now I have responsibilities, I have to work, like any other person, to sustain my family.

Another friend of mine lends me her house, I don’t pay rent. I still have no possessions. My essence has not been lost. I am very dedicated to my work because I need money for school, expenses, the house. I have to work, just like any other person, but what I have learned as a child is always present for me.. In difficult moments I apply the teachings. It’s like a magic tool that brings me solutions in any difficult situation.

My mind is very disciplined. It obeys me. My emotions do what I want. I am very sensitive but I like it. When a moment of happiness comes, I let it overflow. When a sadness comes, I let it overflow, just the same. In the same way, I hold onto it when I believe it’s necessary.

My Guru taught me to manage my emotions. To put things in their place and give each thing it’s value, to respect and love people and life. He taught me the magic of knowing myself. And every day that goes by, all the years of my, childhood, my youth, it’s all behind me, and now I am 58 and I continue maintaining this consciousness which is so attentive , like my own being.

The maturity that life has given me, has now flowered and now the fruit is there. There it is. Ready to be shared with every one else. The magic of life and of love are a tool that every person has in their heart to realize a good life. A life that is healthy, prosperous, happy, and harmonious.

Yes, life the way it is, clean,and pure.

This is what I share with whoever wants to take it.

To tell you every detail of my life is difficult. It was a long process. I don’t like looking back.

One time I wrote that I looked back and saw nothing, no trail, footprints, nothing.

Then I looked forward and I didn’t see anything either, nothing.

And my mind became very alert and my consciousness became present and awake.

I found myself only in the present. I stay that way, inside myself.

On the outside, I have to pay attention to what happens. I have a daughter, a partner, a few dogs, a friend, and people around me that I am connected to with love.

I have many stories to tell, anecdotes that have a deep teaching inside them, like a treasure. A treasure that if a person takes it, and uses it correctly, life is like the feather of a bird, light.

Dictated by Mathuresh Sareff in Spanish. Translated by Alisa Amor

A student of Mathuresh in Las Juntas y los Veranos

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