Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 7AM - 7PM

The first thing I do in any session is to listen to the person and get to know them. I try to understand their emotions and investigate why they are in the situation they are in. 

Then I usually begin by guiding them through breath work tailored to their situation. I also may talk about philosophy but always with the intention of helping them know themselves better. I may work with the energies of the 7 chakras.

Each person has a different set of symptoms and that is where I begin my work. Some need to talk and get advice. Others need help organizing their thoughts. 

Most people benefit from different kinds of breathing techniques that bring oxygen to the brain. I teach exercises that come from the tradition of Sikh Tantra Yoga. 

If needed, I may teach and guide them through a yoga exercise. I always am careful to respect the level of physical, mental and spiritual development of the person when guiding them.